• At SPRINT we offer binding of business reports, projects, dissertations, booklets, music sheets and more. It's a fantastic way to create a professional and finished look to any document.

  • The binding of document incorporates the document pages, a card back and acetate (plastic) front cover.


  • The cost of binding is charged over and above the cost of copying / printing of the document.

  • Turnaround times vary depending on how busy our store is but we can normally bind within a couple of hours


1.  Comb Binding​ (plastic):

- An excellent, simple and quick method of binding    for any type of document.

- Pages can be added or removed.

- Combs available in black & white.

- Price includes a clear acetate (plastic) cover and white backing card.

- Maximum number of pages is 450 (based on 80gsm).

2.  Wire Binding:

       - For a more professional and finished overall look, wire binding is the

          one to go for.

       - Pages can be added and removed as required although the comb 

          would need to be replaced.      

       - A clear acetate front cover and white backing card are included in the


       - Maximum number of pages is 125 (based on 80gsm).

3.  Channel Binding:

      - A more professional finish ideal for essays, reports & dissertations.

     - Held together with a plastic spine and includes a clear acetate (plastic)

        cover on the front and back.

     - Maximum number of pages is 300 (based on 80gsm).